RBSS provides specialist electrical contractor services for next generation battery energy storage systems.

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Renewable Battery Storage Solutions (RBSS) provide specialist electrical contractor services for the installation of battery energy storage systems. Ideal for those wanting to complement existing or new solar power installations at home and the work-place, or as an energy backup solution using existing power grid.

RBSS’ electrical contractors and technicians are approved Redflow Trained ZCell Installers. We offer services for a wide range of residential and commercial energy storage applications across the Perth metro area and regional Western Australia.

RBSS can deploy and configure the Redflow ZCell battery as a set-and-forget solution or integrated with the web-based Redflow Battery Management System (BMS). The Battery Management System simplifies battery deployment and configuration to automatically record performance details viewable from your computer or smartphone.

ZCell is safe for homes and work-places with its electrolyte made from bromine, a non-flammable material that has significant safety, environmental and performance advantages over more volatile lithium-based batteries.


Redflow’s ZCell residential battery enables homes and small businesses to self-consume their own solar energy, reduce energy costs and keep the lights on during power blackouts. The compact ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries let you store your own solar energy for when you need it and is ideal for urban, regional or off-grid homes and small businesses – or wherever reliable, safe, cost-effective energy is needed 24/7.


For larger applications, the ZBM2 commercial battery solution is designed for large residential, telecommunication, commercial, industrial and grid-scale energy storage needs. The ZBM2 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) zinc-bromine flow battery can scale to work as part of a larger energy storage system, with as many batteries as required.

Visit Redflow Sustainable Energy Storage for more information on ZCell and ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery technology.

Lower your power costs, provide resilience during grid power cuts and increase your energy independence. Install the Australian-designed ZCell with a compatible inverter as part of your energy management system.

Benefits of Redflow ZCell batteries:

  • Designed in Australia
  • World’s smallest zinc-bromine flow battery
  • Reduces your electricity costs by storing your solar energy for when you need it
  • Deliver 100% depth of discharge daily
  • Redflow 10-year warranty*
  • Can be stored at any state of charge – from empty to full – for months or years
  • ‘Virtual genset’ mode loses no power over time and starts in 30 seconds
  • Inherently non-flammable electrolyte means it has low risk of thermal runaway
  • Can power fire defence systems on high bushfire-risk days, when the grid sheds power
  • Attractive on-ground outdoor enclosure for easy installation
  • Smart, self-protecting, internet-enabled Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Made from easily reusable and recyclable materials
  • Can store 10kWh of energy with no storage capacity loss over 10 years*

* Contact RBSS or Redflow for more information

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