WA Renewable Energy Advertorial

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In case you missed it – RBSS in conjunction with Redflow recently placed a full page advertorial in The West Australian newspaper.

The WA Renewable Energy liftout appeared in the West Business section of Perth’s daily morning paper.

The Western Australian energy sector continues to undergo a seismic transformation as the shift to renewable energy options and sources gathers momentum, especially since the implementation of the State Government’s renewable energy technologies support package and the Clean Energy Future Fund.

This timely feature explored ways to help both public and private sector organisations manage and lower their energy costs and identify new energy growth options in Western Australia – a topic that RBSS is very passionate about.

We have received some good feedback from the advertorial and look forward to discussing more with business owners throughout WA about the real commercial advantages of renewable battery energy systems.

You can read the article below:

WA Renewable Energy Feature – The West Australian 25 September 2020

Australian-made battery storage solution

Having been in the energy business for decades, TIEC Electrical Managing Director Leith Elsegood has made a mission of combating waste and environmentally damaging electrical systems.

Strong in his support for environmental custodianship, Mr Elsegood is an advocate of a combination of safe, long-lasting battery storage solutions and smart solar panels.

“We have to be real about the environment aspect,” he said .

“So I decided we wanted to be a part of the solution; I think solar and batteries are that solution.”

As a result of this decision, and as part of a partnership with energy storage specialist Redflow, TIEC Electrical has committed to providing Redflow ZCell batteries to clients for energy storage from solar systems.

The Australian-designed small zinc-bromine flow batteries are said to reduce electricity costs, are made from easily reusable and recyclable materials and are inherently non flammable due to the use of bromine, which means they have a low risk of thermal runaway.

“A lot of people who are looking for batteries are asking me how safe it is,” Mr Elsegood said.

“I know the concerns are there, but in my book the Redflow is the safest option.”

Mr Elsegood said a good example of the system working safely, even in the hardest of conditions, could be found at Yallalong Station, where TIEC Electrical and specialist electrical contractor Renewable Battery Storage Solutions (RBSS) designed and installed an energy storage system.

The 348,000-hectare cattle station, located in the dry Murchison region north-east of Geraldton, can swelter in plus 40C temperatures in summer – sometimes as high as 48C.

Yallalong Station Owner Lyndon Brown wanted a 24-hour power supply for fridges, air-conditioning and other comforts essential to attracting staff to work at the remote location.

RBSS installed four Redflow ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries and a 15,000-volt amp Victron Energy Quattro Iinverter to manage, store and distribute energy from a 9.5-kilowatt/peak solar array. A three-seasonal position solar panel frame was also custom built for the station.

The final system, which can store as much as 40 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy, enables Yallalong Station to operate off-grid.
As well as providing 24-hour power supply, the new battery system, including a 3kW/peak wind turbine, will save the station at least $10,000 a year in diesel fuel, transport, logistics and maintenance costs, according to Mr Elsegood.

“We have the right answer,” he said.

“It is the right thing for us to do.

“People need to start thinking about taking some responsibility with the consumption of their energy, and solar and batteries are probably the best answer because now we have a combination that works – solar panels that can go for 25 years and batteries that can last 20 years.

“We have batteries now that use non-volatile components, and they are recyclable.”