Taking off into new markets 

By July 13, 2021 News

RBSS has recently partnered with Perth-based, electric aircraft solutions company – FlyOnE.

As their green energy partner, RBSS will be working with FlyOnE and Electro Aero to provide solutions for the integration and installation of their SmartHangar™ electric transport charging facilities.

The FlyOnE SmartHanger™ is being developed as a sustainable, solar collection array and battery charging zone for adopters of electric aircraft technology and related applications such as charging for vehicles and farm equipment as well as backup for homes and worksites.

The SmartHanger™ will provide limitless energy collection and back-up for regular energy requirements, designed to be either grid-supported or fully off-grid.

It’s early days for electric aircraft, but RBSS believes Redflow’s battery energy storage technology would be an ideal fit for the FlyOnE SmartHanger™ product, especially for remote and regional applications.