Suspected lithium-ion battery fire destroys family home.

By October 12, 2021 News

There is no getting around the fact – lithium-ion batteries are dangerous. 

The recent fire that gutted a Dawesville home south of Perth, may have only been caused by a charger over-heating or over-charging a lithium-ion battery – but the devastating effect of a thermal runaway caused by a lithium-ion battery fire is all too real.

Multiply that risk when installing a 30-40kWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system in your home or business – well we believe that is a risk not worth taking.

Zinc bromine batteries are one of the safest battery chemistries on the market as the electrolyte is inherently non-flammable, meaning no risk of overheating and no risk of thermal runaway.

At RBSS – we wouldn’t recommend or use anything else.