Challenges facing lithium-ion batteries

By October 25, 2021 News

Interesting article on ABC News and the challenges and concerns facing the electric car industry and home batteries.

At RBSS, we believe being able to safely recycle batteries when needed is very important – not only for the environment, but for those that come into contact with the batteries.

The ABC article mentions, “the electrolyte system (in lithium-ion batteries) consists of flammable and combustible organic solvents in which a lithium salt is dissolved, which is not only corrosive and toxic but releases hydrofluoric acid when in contact with water.”

Zinc-bromine flow batteries on the other hand, use a water-based zinc bromide electrolyte which, unlike lithium, is cost-effective and practical to reuse. Plus, zinc-bromine flow batteries present no fire risk as the bromide-based electrolyte is non-flammable. Just more reasons why RBSS recommend and use zinc-bromine flow batteries.

You can read the full ABC article here – Electric cars and home batteries are already posing a waste problem in Australia. Here’s why

And you can discover more about the benefits of Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow battery technology here.