A system fit for royalty

By November 30, 2021 Sovereign Hill

Another great project for RBSS begins in Sovereign Hill.

A recently retired farming couple said their power was more reliable on their old station farm than their new utility grid connected hobby farm home, just 1.5 hours north of Perth.

After returning home from a 3 month caravanning holiday, our retired couple have been frustrated with the constant mains failure at their new property – more reliability on the road in the caravan they reckon!

Simply – RBSS was asked to design a system that could keep them living with their creature comforts, which includes a serious mechanical workshop, beautiful 4 bedroom home, bore water pumps and more.

Plus the added benefit of a battery energy storage system that can be shutdown or put on standby when they head off on another 3 month caravan trip.

Our kind of client – and another great fit for RBSS.