Battery room at Kalyakool Farm

CASE STUDY 2 – January-March 2020



In March 2020, Renewable Battery Storage Solutions (RBSS) completed the installation of an energy storage system at Kalyakool Farm in Muckenburra, Western Australia.

The 34-hectare property, approximately 90km north of Perth, grows 600 Chinese Jujube trees, which produce a super fruit that has been popular in Chinese cuisine for thousands of years.

The farm relies on two electric bore pumps to provide all the water for the orchard, livestock and the owner’s farmhouse.

The local area experiences numerous power outages and recent bushfires highlighted the need for the farm to run its irrigation pumps independently of the power grid. RBSS were asked “what battery system will run my pumps, the farm house and shed when the grid goes down?”

Our solution was to install four Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries to harvest and store the energy produced from a 45 panel solar array.

Since completion of the 40 kilowatt-hour (kWh) Redflow energy storage system, Kalyakool Farm has managed to eliminate its power problems, including both blackouts and surges.

The Redflow energy storage system at Kalyakool Farm effectively made the property off-grid, although it has retained a grid connection as a backup power supply.

Owner Jeff Murray says, “The bottom line is that this is a good business decision. We will get back our money in eight to ten years at the current price of power. As the price of energy goes up, we’ll pay it back even quicker.”

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