Residential 40kwH Redflow battery room in Mosman Park

CASE STUDY 4 – October 2020



Just south of the Perth CBD, on the banks of the Swan River is the suburb of Mosman Park and the location of our latest residential project.

This fully autonomous, “off-grid” suburban home is showing the way to a sustainable future for household energy needs by mitigating its utility power costs.

Using the latest and best technology and sustainable products available, this home harnesses endless, renewable solar energy and stores it in the most advanced, clean and sustainable battery energy storage system available – Redflow Zinc Bromine Batteries.

The advantage of this system design, (for when the time comes and legislation allows) is that homes with large Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) like Mosman Park – will be capable of exporting excess energy at whatever the requirements or needs of the utility may be. This home is ready to do just that – capable of supplying clean, sustainable, long term energy back to the grid when needed – day or night.

At RBSS we are confident that this home is doing its part in reducing its reliance on the utility, thereby reducing its carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.

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