PV array and RBSS Power Cube

CASE STUDY 5 – November 2020



On the Great Eastern Highway, in the heart of the WA wheat belt is Nangeenan – and the location of the first RBSS Power Cube.

Transport, logistics and manpower costs when working in remote areas of Western Australia add significant costs to the installation of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). And then there are the difficulties of working in often harsh environments.

To reduce installation costs and turnaround times, RBSS has developed the Power Cube – designed to allow easier installation and setup of a BESS in our Perth workshop, in a controlled environment with everything we need at hand.

Completed Power Cubes are then transported to site and simply plugged into an existing PV array or other energy source. Plus, the system is fully scaleable – from a compact 8ft container through to commercial scale 40ft containers.

The Power Cube for the Nangeenan project has 2 x Redflow ZBM2 batteries, 2 x Victron MPPT Solar Controllers and a Quattro Inverter/Charger as well as protection board, isolators and monitors – all connected to a 9kW solar array.

A fully, off-grid BESS providing clean, reliable power, 24/7 – and should our Nangeenan family ever decide to move, they can take their RBSS Power Cube with them.

For more details about this installation contact –
Leith Elsegood on 0419 948 098
or email rbss@tiec.com.au